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10 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Mental Health Daily

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Have you been feeling down lately?

Everyone feels low from time to time. It can be from some triggers that you’ve faced lately but feeling low does not always mean something is wrong. Sadness is one of our many emotions and it’s definitely ok to be sad, but if it’s affecting your daily living, we should do something about it! Here are 10 proven strategies to improve your mental health daily.

  1. Move it! – At least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week is ideal, however, if it’s difficult to achieve, you can always choose to have a short walk after your meals. Remember, little progress is still progress.
  2. Practice Mindfulness – Take 5 mins off your busy schedule to focus on just your breathing. Mindfulness can reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm. A few minutes a day would make a difference.
  3. Balanced Diet – Though you may not be able to cook for yourself, you may still have a chance to choose healthier food for your meals. Choose grilled over fried, add-on vegetables when you can. Of course, an occasional treat is allowed! A balanced diet can affect your energy levels and mood.
  4. Getting Enough Sleep – Set your bedtime and stick to your routine. Aim for 7-9hrs of sleep each day. Lack of sleep affects your mental health negatively.
  5. Connections – Social interactions are undoubtedly crucial for our mental health. Plan out your weekend appointments with your friends and families in advanced. Message that friend that you’ve always wondered how he/she is doing.
  6. Set Achievable Goals – Setting smaller goals and achieving them will fulfil our sense of accomplishment. It will also keep us organised and on track on what we’re supposed to do. This could reduce anxiety and boost confidence.
  7. Engage in Hobbies – Hobbies don’t have to be ‘purposeful’. It can anything that you enjoy like watching Kdrama, playing video games. It’s not a waste of time, believe that you are worthy of a break!
  8. Avoid Excessive Alcohol – Drinking alcohol socially in moderation is fine, however, excessive alcohol can negatively impact our mental health.
  9. Practice Gratitude – Think of 3 things you are grateful for before you sleep. Regularly reflecting on things you’re thankful for can remind you of positive things in life, improving overall happiness and good feelings.
  10. Seek Help When Needed – Seeking help is not something to be ashamed of. You can always reach out to someone you trust to talk about your struggles. If needed, you can also seek help from a mental health professional for therapy.

Following these strategies consistently can improve your mental health and ensure a balanced, fulfilling life.

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