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6 signs you can benefit from counselling or psychotherapy

Counselling or psychotherapy session
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Difficulties and challenges are a part of life. But how do I know whether my mood swing is a normal one, or one that needs talk therapy? (Find out more about talk therapy in this post.) Let us investigate six signs that may indicate we would benefit from counselling or psychotherapy.

  1. My emotions are not balanced most of the time, or it is difficult to enjoy things.
  • Negative emotions like worrying, irritability, sadness, and anger dominate most of the time in daily life. On the other hand, things that used to interest us and bring joy like hobbies no longer seem enjoyable.
  1. Stumbling at work or studies. 
  • Work and studies demand a high level of motivation, concentration and energy that requires a healthy emotional state to perform well. Not being able to perform well in these areas may be an indicator of a suffering mental health. 
  1. Appetite or sleep is affected.
  • Emotions like stress, anxiety and depression may lead to an unusual increase or decrease in appetite or sleep. These may also lead to physical health implications and should be assessed if it has been going on for an uncomfortably long period. 
  1. Forming and sustaining relationships become a challenge.
  • Being emotionally affected also affects the quality of relationships that we have with the people around us. Being overly reliant on others for emotional support may unintentionally strain the relationship.
  1. Having past unresolved trauma, grief, or loss.
  • Dealing and resolving past trauma and losses frees ourselves from the trap of emotional pain, guilt, and suffering. Healing from these experiences may require an extended period, and therapy can help provide a safe place to sort out the complex emotions.
  1. Reliance on external substances for emotional relief.
  • Distracting ourselves with substances like alcohol, porn and tobacco are emotional coping mechanisms, but they can also be destructive to our financial, physical, and mental health in the long run. However, this is not a reason to stop taking medication that is prescribed by medical professionals. 

Seeking help sometimes seems more difficult than offering help. We’re not alone in this. Help yourself bounce back faster, stronger, and better. You deserve it, and so do the others around you.

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