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Tips to Promote Mental Health in the Workplace


Mental health has always been a topic that is not well spoken in Malaysia especially in the workplace where your value in work and productivity could be dependent on your mental health. In today’s demanding and competitive work environment, like it or not, mental health has become a critical issue affecting both employers and employees that it’s difficult to be ignored. Recognising and addressing mental health concerns will not only enhance productivity but also creates a supportive workplace culture where everyone feels safe to be vulnerable and honest to their feelings. Here are some tips to promote mental well-being at work: 

  1. Normalise conversations about mental health: 
  • Foster an open and non-judgemental environment where employees feel safe discussing their concerns 
  • You may start by asking ‘How are you doing?’ in daily conversations 

2. Promote work – life balance 

    • Encourage regular breaks, vacation time and reasonable working hours to prevent burnout 
    • Consider flexible work hours if it’s feasible 

    3. Provide opportunities for team bonding and fun 

    • Have common lunch breaks, regular outings or activities purely for fun and not work 
    • Organise team building activities and promote social connections among colleagues 

    4. Provide training for managers

    • Provide resources such as workshops or coaching to equip the leaders with communication skills to have empathetic conversations 
    • Often times the stigma could come from leaders of the team, therefore it’s important to ensure they have a  right perspective on mental health and to be trained to recognise and effectively support team members who may face challenges 

    5. Establish clear policies and support system 

    • Develop and communicate clear policies regarding mental health support, including psychological first aid and access to EAP 
    • Ensure confidentiality and sensitivity in handling mental health disclosures

    6. Provide workshops on well-being and self care to all employees

    • Employees can learn to practice self-awareness and recognise signs of stress and burnout 
    • They can also learn self-help techniques and where to seek professional help when needed 

    7. Offer Employee Assistance Program (EAPs) 

    • This could include awareness workshops as induction to encourage seek help 
    • Implement EAPs that provide confidential psychotherapy and counselling to support employees

    By implementing these strategies, both employers and employees can contribute to a healthier and more supportive workplace environment. Prioritizing mental health not only enhances individual well-being but also strengthens organizational resilience and productivity. MY Psychology KK is a HRDCorp training provider, consisting of a team of HRDCorp trainers who are qualified counsellors and clinical psychologists. We provide workshops on topics of mental health such as psychological first aid, well-being at the workplace etc. and offer EAPs to improve in overall wellness of your workplace.